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Written translation

“AKM-South” Translation Bureau provides professional translation services both for individuals and corporate customers. We are able to satisfy the needs of most demanding clients. Over the years we have been privileged to cooperate with numerous clients, both representatives of Western companies and major state corporations.

We take on any challenges, and our clients are always welcome regardless of whether they come with a one-page document or a large technical manual. We adhere to the highest professional standards and always come up with an optimal combination of time frame and quality considering clients’ every wish.

Our translation bureau performs various types of written translation. As we want our translation to be of the highest quality possible, we involve professional translators who are experienced specialists in their area of expertise.

Main types of written translation:

Technical translation is written translation that requires a system approach to appropriate terminology selection and to achieving accurate terminological integrity. Technical translation is performed by translators who possess specialized knowledge and have a lot of experience in a given field, e.g. oil and gas industry, heavy engineering, etc.

“AKM-South” employs specialists who are able to take on high-level translation tasks. We also provide a variety of additional services, such as layout and makeup of pages. Our employees work with various digital formats and they can process both simple texts and complex drawings and graphs.

Legal translation is translation that requires not only a command of special terminology but also knowledge of peculiarities of the legal language. In addition, working with legal documents requires extra attention because even minor technicalities can be of great importance.

Specialists of “AKM-South” Translation Bureau possess vast experience in the area of legal translation. Our Moscow head office “AKM-West” Translation Bureau specializes in legal translation alongside with notary translation. We employ only qualified translators with degrees in law and finance. Our translation bureau can perform professional translation of constituent documents, contracts, licenses, and permits.

Financial translation is closely related to legal translation. Translation of financial documents, especially audited financial statements, requires strictest confidentiality. Total respect for clients’ privacy is one of the main professional standards for “AKM-South” Translation Bureau. Our clients never question the quality of translation of their financial information and its confidentiality.

Medical translation, like any other specialized translation, requires professional knowledge. Translation of various medical documents, clinical data, pharmaceutical information, documents for medical equipment, including manuals, requires engagement of a medical editor and proofreader in the process of translation. “AKM-South” Translation Bureau has vast experience in medical translation. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Site translation, localization is one of the translation types performed at “AKM-South” Translation Bureau. We perform translation of company sites, even those that are highly-tailored and informative, even involving native-speaking editors, if necessary.

Professional specialists, vast experience, highly qualified translators and editors, optimum combination of price and quality – this is what “AKM-South” Translation Bureau is!