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Перезвоните мне
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 “AKM-South” Translation Bureau provides services of professional consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. 

Consecutive interpretation is interpretation when a speaker makes pauses in his/her speech for interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation is interpretation when a speaker makes no pauses for interpretation, whether or not an interpreter uses special equipment (including booths).

To choose the best type of interpretation, please contact managers of “AKM-South” Translation Bureau.

We can assist you with interpretation whenever you…
…have negotiations at all levels, including telephone negotiations;
…hold corporate events, press-conferences, meetings, briefings, sessions, seminars and other business events;
…visit or participate in exhibitions;
…hold a forum;
…adjust equipment, visit or participate in staff meetings at various facilities, including sport and construction projects;
…in court sessions;
…on excursions, accompanying delegations and private individuals at entertainment events, etc.

At “AKM-South” Translation Bureau interpretation is performed by qualified interpreters. Successful interpretation depends on timely placement of an order. Providing background materials relating to the subject of the event is also extremely important – if an interpreter can look it through it will help avoid any possible impromptu.  

Detailed information is available in the price-list of “AKM-South” Translation Bureau.